About Us

1967: The Vietnam conflict is in full swing. Montreal is hosting the world’s exhibition. Kurt Cobain is born. The Beatles release Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club. Elvis marries Priscilla. We start Maple Ridge Cycle.  Well, not us, Troy was in diapers, but Doug Henry was the bike guy in Maple Ridge back then. He located the shop on 224th st. just south of Dewdney Trunk. As the business grew, he added a partner.

Doug and Graham Purdey soon had success that found them looking for a new building.  In 1981, the shop was relocated to a location on Lougheed Highway. Continued growth sustained the shop through some poor times, and we have survived to see many other bike shops come and go.

Eventually, Doug found other opportunities and chose to move on from the shop, leaving Graham to find a partner for himself. This is when Troy came into the picture. Starting out building bikes for Graham when he was 10 years old, Troy has been an employee of the shop for about 35 years. Now Graham has found other interests, and has left Troy holding the reigns (yet he still comes in to work).

Thus begins the third generation of the oldest bicycle shop in Maple Ridge. Troy has some big aspirations for the shop, and hopes to have continued success in this community for many years in the new location on Fraser.