BC Cup Finals in Abbotsford this weekend!

Come down to Abbotsford BMX this weekend to watch the BC cup Finals! With a huge Supercross section, and massive amateur track it will be one of the best races of the season. All the previous races have been leading up to this point, and the finals on Sunday will be the last chance for anyone to be bumped up a position. The last regular BC cup will be held on Saturday the 30th, and the Finals will be on Sunday the 31st. At the end of the series, racers are scored based on their top 4 races from the season, and the place that they get in the finals is added on to the top for as a double points race, so a first is worth two points, a second is worth 4, etc... Racing will be held at 9am on Saturday and Sunday. What's more, the Canada Cup is being hosted at the same time! These races feature only the best riders from across the country, and some of the amateur riders will be racing off the supercross hill and third straight pro sections. Be sure to come out to this spectacular event!